2015 Words Unlocked Contest

"Bradenton" takes 1st Place! 


1st Place



Your streets are cold like a pool of dry ice

you destroy lives with a flash of blue and red lights

gunshots boom like fireworks

leaving daddies in the dirt


Your broken-up houses moan and groan

hobos sleep on benches because they have no home

the blue sky mocks the tragedy of the city

when people are murdered you show no pity


At night is when the wolves come out

waiting for the taste of blood to hit their mouth

around the block are business men

tall buildings filled with friends


They laugh at the other side

eating our hearts out like apple pie

they’ll take your mommy if they think you’re snitchin’

dinner time when she’s in the kitchen


This is only one side of my neighborhood

the other half is pretty good

they hear us cry but don’t know why

they try to help, bury us when we die


Take the little money we have

and put it in their private stash

they make the city what it is

well you asked, this is where I live.


Poet: Javon

Camden County Juvenile Detention Center, New Jersey

Teacher: Liz Reif 

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