Start from Scratch is the fall Initiative for CEEAS designed to bring high quality, relevant, common core alligned curriculum directly to teachers working in secure care facilities across the country.  A unique, technology-driven initiative that offers students the chance to learn coding and programming skills while they are in secure settings.

Start fro Scratch starts with a two-day writing exercise.  Students will write a script responding to a prompt exploring the theme or transformation from a personal perspective.  The curriculum will then transition to Instruction with the programming tool, Scratch.  Scratch is a free downloadable programming tool, designed out of MIT, that can be used to create animations and games.  Scratch supports basic to advanced programming and requires no prior programming experience.  Students will then have five days to convert their script to an animation using the Scratch skills they learned.  The initiative will culminate with a nationwide competition.

Judges come from the private sector, academia, and juvenile justice arenas.

Schools and educational programs in Juvenile facilities around the U.S. are invited to begin implementing the Start from Scratch curriculum on October 3, 2016.  CEEAS provides daily less plans and instructional materials.


Start from Scratch Calendar