By Maggie Steifvader

Review by Jonathen B.


This book is about a small town in Minnesota called Mercy Falls. It takes place from the point of view of the main character Grace Brisbane. I enjoyed reading this book because the author has a very sharp style of writing. Her ups and downs are very unexpected and they throw wrenches into what you think is going to happen. My favorite character was Sam, her (werewolf) boyfriend. I enjoyed this character because he is like I want to be. He is quiet, smart, and loyal. He is confused but doesn't make rash decisions. I related to the feelings of confusion and obligation to help another person regardless of circumstance. This is something that matters to me on a deep moral level. I would recommend the whole series to someone, but not this book alone. I think that the series is great, however I don't feel you could leave the first book and feel satisfied. I loved the title Shiver because a lot of the book had to do with trying too keep Sam(the werewolf/boyfriend) from turning back to a wolf by keeping him warm. Shiver displays that struggle well for a title. An alternate title I would give it would be Spring Dreaming.