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Eating Matches

Poet: Elizabeth

Juvenile Correctional Center - St. Anthony, Idaho

Juniper Hills High School

Teacher: Cheryl Johnson

Eating Matches



As        You walk outside into the calm, cool air,
are greeted by silence that once meant safety.
But rather than            
content, you are filled with paranoia.
Humanity used to fear dying; now most fear living.
The noise and light are oozing            
with lies.
The same lies that fuel our distorted intentions.
You’re playing with fire…” They used to say.
Now They’re feeding you       
with matches and butane.
enemies. to friends in the blink of an eye,
But does it count as a blink if 
Your eyes were closed the whole time?
A life of          
reality is becoming a myth,
an inconvenience instead of what’s normal.
You see, monsters don’t really like the dark,
They prefer to be         
hidden in the center stage spotlight.
Teaching new generations and rerouting        
our brains,
“Change is a must!”    
that is the motto         They use.
But who knew            change. was the new definition of