Q. Do I need programming experience in order to particpate in this initiative?​

A. No, experience neccessary. 


Q. Will CEEAS provide lesson plans for the duration of the initiative?

A. You will be provided lesson plans paired with student worksheets, currciulum guide, and additional resources. 


Q. How can I learn about Scratch Programming before the initiative begins?

A.Take a look at our "Learn" page for some helpful resources or reach out to us for support. 


Q. When will the Scratch curriculum materials be released?

A. Be on the lookout for all resources to be released in late September. 


Q. Does my class have to participate in all 3 weeks of the initiative? 

A. No, if you your students finish before the alotted time, you can submit their projects. 


Q. Do I have to wait until the kickoff date to get started or can we begin watching earlier?

A. You can begin as soon as lesson plans are released.


Q. How many animation projects can a student submit? 

A. We are only allowing 1 project submission per student.