The Hunger Games 

BY Suzanne Collins

Review by Corey A.


1. If one of your friends saw you reading this book and asked you what it was about, what would you say?

The book is about 12 districts ruled by a capital. Each year two victors are chosen from each district to fight to the death in the “Hunger Games.” The last man standing gets prizes and is taken care of forever.


2. Did you enjoy reading the book? If so, what did you like about it, and why did it hold your interest?

Yes. I liked that it is not too far-fetched and could happen in our future.


3. How does this book relate to your own life or the lives of people you know?

In the book, the main character puts her life on the line for someone she loves. I would do that and I feel others would too.


4. What do you think the author was trying to say to readers like you?

I believe she was saying that life is a struggle and you have to know what you are fighting for.


5. If someone asked you, "Why should I read this book?" what would you say?

It is really action packed, relatable, and it will help you understand yourself better.

Review by Damian D.

The Hunger Games is about a young woman named Katniss Everdeen, who is brought to the involvement in a battle to the death between districts.  Though she has no idea of her survival, it takes more than the knowledge of her use in the weapon of her choice and strength.  She must overcome many different challenges throughout her time in the arena.  There are also some things she finds out about both herself and others from other districts that she'd never know if not for the Hunger Games.

Reading the Hunger Games was by far my best reading experience.  The twists and turns of this book caused me to think ahead and hope for a certain change in the storyline and I was again brought to feel as if I were experiencing the many moments myself.  

My favorite part of this book is the turn of the story when Katniss is brave enough to test the rules of the Capitol in a way that brings me to feel proud of her rebellion.  In many ways, I am able to relate to Peeta.  His hidden love for Katniss is similar to my situations in the past as I've never been one to admit feelings for another individual.  As I would recommend this book to others, I believe most people have read this book.  If by chance, someone hasn't read the Hunger Games, I would tell them they have no idea what they are missing.  My favorite quote of this book would have to be "You better run now, fire girl", because from that moment, Katniss had been spared her life and led to her victory.