By Nic Sheff

Review by Daniel W.

1. What is this book about? (who are the characters? When and where does it take place?)
Nic Sheff is a struggling 21 year old who is an addict. It takes place in San Francisco.

2. Did you enjoy reading the book? If so, what did you like about it.  If not, what didn’t you like about it.
I love this book because it is what a real addict can face. 

3. What was your favorite part or your favorite character?  Why did you like that part or character?
He is willing to take risk because it reminds me of myself.

4. Did you relate to the story or any character?  How did you relate?
Not really. I don’t do meth.

 5. Would you recommend this book to someone else? 
Yes I would because the book is like a learning experience.  

6. Did you like the title? What alternate title would you give the book?
I love the title and would not change it.