By Laura Hilldenbrand

Review by Corbin D.

Louie Zamperini is an Olympic runner when he is asked to join the Army Air Force at 19. He is shipped to Hawaii after he completed flight school in Nebraska. On one of his missions his plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean. After 34 days of floating around he finally finds land, but the bad part is that this would be the beginning of his experience of being a POW. 

I liked this book a lot because it showed that even when people get you mad you don’t have to react in a negative way. You can accept it how it is and make the best of your situation.

My favorite character is Louie Zamperini, because even at his lowest point in life he tried his hardest to keep his head up and not get mad, because he knew that getting mad would not help him out in the long run.

I can relate to Louie because when the Japanese soldiers were trying to get him mad he didn’t, because he knew it was going to help him survive WW2.

I would recommend this book to anyone, because of the history behind the story. I also like the title because it fits the story very well.