Family Ties

By Gaiutra Bahadur


Review by MaKayla H.


This book is about President Barak Obama and his tough and difficult journey through life and his childhood growing up. It takes place in several places such as Kenya, Chicago, Kansas, Indonesia, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

I enjoyed the book a lot! It explained many things, not only his life story, but it teaches that no matter how hard your situation is, as long as you keep your head up you can get through it.

Obama was my favorite "character" because it was about his life and to know he went through all that and then became president makes me so proud of him. 

I feel like I could relate to Obama because his dad was in and out of his life just as quick as mine is, and it's a tough situation, a VERY tough situation.

I recommend this book to others. Anybody who has been through a lot in life needs to read it and it will help them realize that there is a brighter day.

The title is great, matches the moral of the story. I liked the way it ended because he ended up happy. The message that the author was trying to tell us was no matter how tough life is, stay strong. 

Absolutely loved this book!!!