The Summer I Turned Pretty

By Jenny Han

Review by River H.


The title of my book is The Summer I Turned Pretty written by Jenny Han. There’s a lot of characters, but the main one is “Belly”. She’s the one telling the story. Then there is her mother and Steven her brother. Their friends, Susannah, Jeremiah and Conrad are also part of the story. The story takes place on the beach. I really enjoy reading this book because it keeps you interested. Belly is telling everything that happens during the summer and what it is like being a 15-year-old girl.  My favorite character would have to be Belly because I relate to her a lot. I feel like she explains a lot about being a teenage girl and having only 3 guys that are way older than you and how to handle it. Yes, I relate to Belly, because she a teenager going through the struggles of being a teenager. I would recommend this book to any other teenage girl or really any girl because this book is really relatable. I liked the title because I think it fits it because it's about her turning into a teenager and over the summer she is turning pretty.                           
This book was and really truly an amazing book and I can’t wait to read the others!!!

Review by Krislon T.

Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad are the main characters. The  book takes place in counsins beach. I loved this book. There was so much drama, and I loved the story line. I fell in love with the characters. My favorite character was Belly because she was torn between two guys who didn't want her at the time. I related to her emotional connection with Conrad and Jeremiah. I would recommend this book to someone else. This is an amazing book full of surprises and love drama between brothers. If I had to change the title, it would have to be "Love Triangle."