The Tequila Worm 

By Viola Canales

Review by Jaydin G.



Sofia is a Mexican-American girl growing up in Texas. Her aunt visits once in a while and tells these random and goofy stories. At the end of her stories she always eats the worm in the tequila bottle. Sofia learns how to become a good comadre by listening to her aunt’s stories, helping her best friend Berta with her quincenera, and helping her parents out around the house. Sofia gets an offer to go to a prestigious private high school in Austin, Texas on a scholarship. It is a difficult decision to go and leave her family, or to stay behind and not follow her dreams.

I like this book because it’s a very interesting. It shows that standing up for yourself can get you to great things. For example Sofia got bullied for eating homemade tacos. A teacher at her school told her to stand up for herself, not by hurting the other girl, but by being the top of her class. I’m more of a scify, fantasy, and mystery kind of person so this book was a little different for me. I also like this book because it summed up Sofia’s life and didn’t just say she lived happily ever after.