By Coe Booth

Review by KB

This book is about a kid who is 15 years old but has the responsibility of an adult. His mother is unstable, has no job, hardly takes care of Tyrell’s little brother, and has also been going through multiple shelters. His dad is in jail for a year so he doesn’t have the support he should have as a kid. Plus, he has to look after his little brother Troy and his mom. This story takes place in the Bronx projects.
       I enjoyed this book a lot because it’s like I was reading about things I have been through. I have a lot of sympathy for Tyrell and his struggles. 
       My favorite character of this story is Tyrell. He is young with a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. He also handles his situations in the best way he can and is never afraid to work hard to get what he wants.
       I can relate to Tyrell because as I have mentioned before, I have been through some of the same things, so it makes me feel like I am not the only person dealing with that issue.
       I would highly recommend this book to others because it will inspire you to never give up even in the very toughest situations.
       I kind of like the cover but it really doesn’t fit the story. If I were to redesign the cover it’d be of Tyrell walking down the street of the projects in the Bronx holding his little brother’s hand.


Review by Jason B.


This book is about a kid whose father is in jail so he has to get money to take care of his family in New York. Some characters are Tyrell, Jasmine and Novisha. My favorite part is when he took his dad equipment to start djing because he wanted to take care of his family.  I never been in that situation but I got friends who have and they go through the same struggle so it is relate able to me. I really liked the book and would recommend it to you cuz it is adventurous and relate able.

Review by Milo M.


The story is about a boy whose mom was struggling to keep a house, so he started selling drugs. I enjoyed reading this book because it was entertaining and had real-life scenarios.  My favorite part of the book was when he found out his girlfriend was not a virgin because now he knows you can't trust what females say all the time. My favorite character was Tyrell because he had to learn how to be the man of the house at a young age.  I did relate to Tyrell because he sold drugs to help out.  I would recommend this book to someone else because it gives a lot of knowledge.  The message the author was giving is to stay strong no matter what you are going through.

Review by Edgar G.

Tyrell is 15 years old and he just moved to a homeless shelter where he lives with his mom and little brother.  His dad is locked up in jail.  When he was out, he was a DJ and would take Tyrell to parties, where Tyrell learned to DJ too. He was poor and his mom had no money, no job. Tyrell was struggling with drugs and crime. He wasn’t going to school, but was trying to make money in different ways.  Finally, he gets help from some hommies and starts making money as a dance party DJ.  

This was the first book I read all by myself.  Books used to be boring to me and I only read school books and didn’t pay close attention, but now I like reading more and more.  Writing this might not make sense, but I’m not here to impress anyone.  I know I’m not the best reader ‘cause I barely started reading. Sometimes I can’t read/pronounce a word, but it’s all good.  I’m kinda similar to Tyrell ‘cause I’m living with relatives who are working two jobs and things are always hard, but I know things are gonna be alright.  I’m gonna get out of Genesis where I’ve learned to change my thoughts and my ways.  Others say they’ll change when they get out, but they’re always talking about drugs and crime.  I’ve been clean for 6 months and I feel proud ‘cause I finally understand drugs ain’t good for me. 

Hoping to get out soon, Edgar