The Hate U Give

By Angie Thomas

Review by Cameron K.

This book is about a sixteen year old named Starr Carter. She lives in “2 worlds.” She goes to a preppy white people school and she lives in the hood. She doesn’t want to let people to know she lives in the hood. She fights the battle of police brutality. The reason why she wants to fight the battle is because her best friend Natasha got shot in a drive by in front of Starr’s face at the age of 10 years old. Another reason is because her other best friend Khalil was killed for no reason by a cop “1-15.”

Did I enjoy reading this book? Yes, yes I did because it was about real crap what’s wrong in our world we live in today. The best part I liked about this book is when Starr stood up for herself and voiced out her thoughts and feelings about what happened to her friend Khalil. My favorite part was when Starr finally accepts that this is the life she lives in and she wants to make the best of it. 
Did I relate to the book?? No I didn’t. The message I got from this book is that everywhere in this world there is going to be police brutality. And that we got to stand up and fight for peace and stand up & speak up. 

Do I recommend the book? Yes, yes I do. This book is absolutely amazing and honest. Everyone should read this book. We need to do something about police brutality and stand up for justice. 

The overall rating for this book would be…5/5