The Ranger's Apprentice

By John Flanagan


Review by Cody K.


(1) The book is about a young boy named Will, who has always had a dream of being a great knight but is conflicted by his small size. When young Will turns 15 he will be chosen to be an apprentice for a certain position deemed appropriate by the people choosing to become his master. 

(2) I really enjoyed reading the book, I have a great interest in what the book teaches you about being unseen when you’re scouting or the different styles and ways of sword fighting.

(3) My favorite was when he had gotten his “ranger horse” and was in an argument with his friend and his friend was making fun of how small the horse was-talking about how his grandma could ride it-but Will knew that ranger horses must be told the secret “password” before they can be ridden. (It’s so their horses don’t get stolen) so Will told his friend to try to ride him if he wants to and so he tried and got bucked off.

(4) Yes I can relate to the main character a lot. He is very clever and can figure things out from other people’s perspectives. And he’s really good at climbing.

(5) Yes I would recommend this book to whoever I think will enjoy it. I would tell them that it is a very good book and that even though it is fiction it is very good at making you think about some things in your own life.

(6) -Yes, I think the “Ranger’s Apprentice” is great for the title.
-I liked the way the first book ended but I’m not done with the whole series.
-yeah I liked the cover but I didn’t like how photoshoped it looked.
-in the book it said “rather be the devil”
-that there are plenty of times in your life that you can be courageous or brave at what you do.