Saving Beauty from the Beast

By Vicki Crompton & Ellen Zelda Kessner


Review by Hadlee P.


This book gives a realistic view on unhealthy or abusive relationships and shares factual experiences of others that have been involved in abusive relationships. I enjoyed this book overall but I especially enjoyed the intellectual parts of the book which provided facts and statistics on unhealthy relationships. One thing I learned from reading this is that reality is not a fairy tale. Love is not controlling as anything that is controlled is not love. Having the experience of being in an unhealthy relationship, it came to my realization that the person I wanted to help and change did not want my help. It was only the control that the person wanted because that is what made them feel powerful. I suggest this book to those who have been in my shoes and struggled being in a relationship of this category, or even those who would like to be educated on this topic. This book has helped me realize that I am not alone when it comes to moving on and recovering. My fears of never moving on or finding somebody else to treat me better have been put into words by characters in this book. During my time of being in recovery from this matter, Saving Beauty from the Beast had a great impact on me as I believe it will to others fighting a similar battle. The message being told by the author was to be aware of warning signs of abusive relationships and how to deal with the abuse when put in dangerous situations. I give this book a rating of 5 due to the eye-opening and helpful resources it provides for readers.