By Rowland Smith



Review by Seth G


1. This book is about a boy named Peak that has a surprise waiting for him to climb Mount Everest. He climbs hard and makes the book good but the one question is, “Will he make it?”

2. I was not too interested in the book until I was half way into it and then loved the ending and everything else.

3. My favorite part is where the conflict is resolved between Peak, Sun-jo, and Zopa. I loved that part because of Peak fixes the problem with his mind without anyone else’s help.

4. I relate a little to Peak because no matter how hard I try, I cannot purposefully be selfish. 

5. I would only recommend this book to patient readers because it is a little bit boring in the beginning as it did with me.

6. I think that the author was trying to tell us that people might make big mistakes, but that does not dictate who they are.

7. 3 is my rating from one to five.