Percy Jackson: Battle of the Labyrinth

By Rick Riordan



Review by Carlye M.


The story is about the Greek Gods and their children that are half-bloods (half-God/half- human).  I enjoyed reading the book because the writing pulled me right into the scenes.  It seemed so realistic and I enjoyed reading how the half- bloods fought the mythical monsters. My favorite part of the book was when Percy and Nico (both half-bloods) summon a ghost with a Happy Meal and a rootbeer.  I did not relate to any particular character.  At the end of the book, the half-bloods have a birthday party for Percy and eat blue cake.  I felt the ending was appropriate and would not really change anything.  The blue cake was a little weird but fit it with the story.  I would recommend this book because it is funny and about the ancient Greek Gods. 

Review By Randell K.

This book is about Percy Jackson. He lives in New York in 2008. I enjoyed reading the book because it talks about Greek Gods. Percy Jackson is my favorite character from the book because he is confident. I related to him because he also has a step dad. I would recommend this book to someone else because it is part of a series and you can get wrapped up in it.