Getting the Girl

By Marku Zusak

Review by Dominic C.


This book is about two brothers and one girl. One brother is named Cameron and he always lived in the shadows of his older brother, Ruben. Ruben is the popular one with all the friends and everybody knows him. Cameron on the other hand is quiet, sweet, and confused. Cameron doesn't seem to mind until Ruben starts dating Octavia and she's not like all the other girls Ruben has been with -- she's got spark. Cameron is flat out in love with her, but never thinks she will actually go out with a boy like him. I enjoyed reading this book because my older brothers always had the friends and was popular. I was shy and scared of girls. My favorite character is Cameron when he finally breaks out of his shell. He talks to Octavia and starts to express himself and do the right thing. Eventually they fall in love with each other. I relate to Cameron because I know how left out he felt because his older brothers are living the life and having fun. They know everyone that they see and the only thing he can do is be by himself. I used to be like that when I was younger. I would recommend this book because someone could connect to the book like I did and tell themselves that they were like that once and learn how to overcome it. If I could change the title, I would call it "Overcoming my Struggles."