By Kenneth Oppel


Review by David S.


1. What is this book about? (who are the characters? When and where does it take place?)
It’s  about a boy getting chased on a train because some guys need his key to steal gold.

2. Did you enjoy reading the book? If so, what did you like about it.  If not, what didn’t you like about it?  

Yes, there was  a lot of action. I liked how the story kept twisting.

3. What was your favorite part or your favorite character?  Why did you like that part or character?  

The ring master was my favorite character because he knew all kinds of  types of cool mysterious tricks.

4. Did you relate to the story or any character?  How did you relate?

Not really, but I wish I could because that would be an adventure.

5. Would you recommend this book to someone else?  Why would you tell them they should or should not read it?

Well, if your into science fiction mixed with action, comedy and puppy love all in one, then I would read this book if I were you.

6. What was your favorite quote and why did you like that quote?

"There is no such thing as magic, just the unknown. I liked it because it’s interesting way to look at the unexplainable."