When Reason Breaks 

By Cindy L. Rodriguez


Review by Breanna P.


What is this book about? There are a few characters Abby, lily, Elizabeth, Kevin, Ms. Diaz, Emily, tommy, Elizabeth’s mother, Emily’s family, etc. It takes place in a few places school, tommy’s house, bowling, Emily’s house, Elizabeth’s house and in the woods. 

Did you enjoy reading the book? Yes, the book was very interesting I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. It has an unexpected twist in it that you never would have guessed. 

What was your favorite part or favorite character? My favorite part was when Emily finally decided that her life was worth living and she chose Kevin, Tommy and Elizabeth as “her society”. My favorite character was Kevin, because he always has something to say and has a very good sense of humor. 

Did you relate to the story or any character? I feel as though I can relate to Elizabeth the most. I feel that was because she has angry outbursts that she can’t control and I feel that way when I’m angry, I just act on impulse and don’t care who I hurt. She’s trying to get better and so am I. 

Would you recommend this book to anyone else? Yes I would. I would recommend it to someone else because it has inspired me a lot. Even when you feel like life's not worth it, it totally is! You’ll always have friends and family that will be there to support you. Don’t try to kill yourself and hurt the people who truly do care.

Did you like the title? Yes, I feel like it connected very well with the story. The girls go through so much and finally she can’t find one reason worth living for. It’s sad but it’s true, unless someone finds something to live for then they think it’s pointless. 

Overall rating: 5 means highly recommended and 1 means least recommended .I’m going to have to go with 5 I liked it that much! 

When reason breaks summary:
In this book a lot happens and Emily and Elizabeth come a long way. In the beginning Emily is struggling with having a boyfriend and not being able to tell anyone because her father is running for a position on the government office and her father doesn’t want any slip ups. Emily had kissed Kevin at a party, and it got all around and her dad got mad. Emily and Kevin kept seeing each other and are in love and Emily doesn’t even tell her closest friends Sarah and Abby. While Elizabeth is struggling in school she writes poetry and she draws. Elizabeth had lost her father because she beat him up and told him to leave her alone so he respected her wishes and did so. Elizabeth and Emily are both in Miss.Diaz’s class and Elizabeth is Kevin’s friend. Elizabeth and Emily aren’t really friends at first but then they become very close. Emily went to a party with Sarah and Abby. Emily didn’t really want to go but she did anyways, Emily snuck away and went upstairs to find a quiet room. Emily found the library and was reading a book as Elizabeth came in and stumbled over Emily’s feet. Elizabeth thought it was the bathroom, but then she realized it wasn’t. Emily and Elizabeth then had a weird conversation and they moved on. A few days later Emily had a fight with Kevin and Kevin was assuring Emily he will never hurt her. Emily and Kevin got over it and then began to kiss and snap! There Abby is taking a picture of them to kissing. Emily then runs into the girls bathroom and Elizabeth tries talking to her but Emily tells her she’s fine just go, so Elizabeth does so. Emily talks to her friends and figures they’re not mad at her, they were just upset she didn’t tell them. And Abby agrees not to post the picture. Later on Miss.Diaz decides to partner Emily and Elizabeth as partners for a project and Elizabeth drew a disturbing picture and Miss Diaz sent her to the principal's office and Elizabeth began to curse and punch lockers. Emily asked to go to the restroom and really went to go catch up with Elizabeth; Elizabeth and Emily talked and Elizabeth felt better. They began to become really close. Elizabeth decided to take her little sister Lily bowling and they invited Tommy, Kevin and Emily. When they got there they found that Elizabeth and Lily had been on a bowling team and the boys got creamed. Tommy attempted to kiss Elizabeth and Elizabeth wanted it but for some reason she couldn’t. Elizabeth and Lily’s mom beeped and there they went.