By Alex Milway


Review by Austin S.


1. The book happens mainly during the pirate century and during the pirate century there is this little girl named Emiline and she is a mousekeeper. She later sails with Captain Drewshank to stop a famous pirate called Mouse Beard. During the journey they battle sea monsters and ships.

2. I really enjoyed reading the book; it always knew how to keep me on the edge wondering what would happen next.

3. My favorite part was when Algernon escaped the town’s guardsmen who were going to arrest him for treason against his country, but he escaped on his submarine. My favorite character is Emiline who is the main character who is a mouse keeper but wants to become a mouse hunter when she gets older.

4. I relate to Scratcher, but not a lot. He’s a mouse keeper that isn’t very good at catching mice when they escape. But he’s good at getting the mice to help out and do their job they’re supposed to do when it’s time.

5. I would recommend the book to people who like mice, pirates, sea monsters, and ship battles. I would recommend this book because it’s a really good book and when you read the book it makes you feel like you are in the book yourself.

6. I love the title and would not change the name, because it does explain what the book is really about. I also would not change how it ended and I would love to read the second one, if there is one.