By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Review by John G.

This is the third volume in the "The Chronicles of  Nick" series. In the first two volumes, Nick was a very poor, abused kid growing up off of scraps. In this volume, he gets his dark powers when his father dies and has to learn to control them. They are too much for him right now because he's too young. His girlfriend is trying to get him to use his powers for good, but his evil dad still has powerful hold on him. Who can he trust to help him? His mother, Cherise Gautier, who is just a simple human, his best friend, Caleb, who is basically a demigod, or his girlfriend, Cody, who is a ghost are all possibilities.  Caleb and Cody gave him a suppressant to hold back his powers until he learns how to control them. This is an excellent series and I can't wait to find out what happens.