By Stephen King

Review by Robert S.

The book IT takes place in Derry Maine in the years 1957 and 1985. The book follows the events surrounding seven kids who have to face their worst fears over the summer. Bill, Ben, Eddie, Richie, Bev, Stan, and Mike all have one thing in common, IT. The clown called Pennywise, the dancing clown, that has visited all of them in one form or another. Along with a clown that can shape-shift they also have to watch out for Henry Bowers, the psychopathic bully who is IT’s puppet. Then he thinks he destroyed It; however, 27 years later the murders have started again and those who are left meet up again to destroy IT once and for all.

I really enjoyed the book IT. I liked this book because the author wrote it from multiple points of view including some of the murder victims. So I felt that I wasn’t just reading the words, but living them, like an omnipresent spectator, feeling the loss and gains along with the characters.

My favorite part in IT was when they are adults and they first meet at the Chinese restaurant. This is my favorite part because even though not all of them made it back, they remembered their childhood promise. Instead of running away they decided to try and stop IT once and for all, even if it meant they might not make it. 

The character I could relate to was Bill. I could relate to Bill, because he was different but he didn’t let that stop him from standing up for those around him. Though more times than not it meant he was the one to get hurt. Then he also would do anything to redeem his brother and I would do the same thing for my little brother if anything happened to him.

I would definitely recommend this book to others, but only really avid readers. I say this because IT is somewhat of a hard book to get into if you don’t really enjoy reading, because there are some dull, slow parts. An avid reader would be able to get the most from this book, but that doesn’t mean others would not enjoy this book as well.

I personally loved the title of the book IT. This was a very fitting title for a book about something that was unknown to children. Put simply, they were up against an IT. If I had to give it an alternate title though I would call it Dead Lights because that is the most powerful form IT can be seen as. The Dead Lights resembled their worst fears stripped bear.