Hillbilly Elegy

By J.D. Vance

Review by Kaila R.


1. What was the book about?
It was a memoir of a man named J.D. and his crisis in culture and family. During this book he told how he began being poor, moving place to place, and never really had a father figure. His mom was a nurse but soon lost her job due to becoming a drug addict. She had plenty of husbands and boyfriends; she kept trying to find the father figure for her kids. Little did his family know that someone in their family would be so successful in Law School and in the Marines.

2. Did you enjoy reading the book?
Yes, it was a very deeply moving memoir with a share of humor. Hillbilly Elegy is the story of how upward mobility really feels. It also teaches that no matter how poor you are you can always be successful.  

3. What was your favorite part or your favorite character?
My favorite character was the grandma. She was always honest with J.D. and always supported him when he needed it. J.D. knew he could always count on his grandmother and knew that she would help him any way she could. That’s what I like about the character. 

4. Did you relate to the story or any character?
Yes, I related to both. The story because, I grew up in different cultures and my family has had a lot of crisis we’ve always had to work very hard to get our wants and needs. And I related to J.D. because no matter what happens you can always make something of yourself.

5. Would you recommend this book to someone else? Why would you tell them they should or should not read it?
Yes I would highly recommend this book because, it is inspirational and powerful. I have never read a book like this before and I am not disappointed. This book tells you real life stuff that is happening in America. 

6. What message did you think the author was trying to tell readers like you?
That you never stop trying until you get what you were going for and no matter what your family life is like you never stop trying to be successful. Don’t let issues come in the way of your dreams.