Go Ask Alice

By Anonymous

Review by Kourtney W.

Go Ask Alice is a book based on a real diary of a girl who died at the age of 17, people still do not know exactly why and how she died most people think that it is due to a drug overdose. The name of the girl is not mentioned in the book, but she is called Alice. This book poses personal information about what exactly “Alice” has gone through/done leading up to her final words in her lifelong dairy. This book took place in the late 1860’s, in the United States. The author is written as anonymous. (Some people believe that the book is written by Beatrice Sparks, one on the books editors.)

I personally savored this book completely. I enjoyed how the book revealed so much information about “Alice’s” lifelong struggles due to her addictions. There was really one main character in Go Ask Alice. As I was reading this book I could relate to Alice and her story!  The past 5 years I too have struggled with an addiction, and in the long process I have gotten sober and relapsed just like “Alice.” I’ve done and been through a lot of the same terrible things Alice had to go through and do. Alice and I are very much alike in many ways. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with addiction. This book proved that we are not alone in our addiction, as for readers that have no struggle with addiction and are curious about what it’s like to deal with such a fatal disease Go Ask Alice would be a great learning experience for you. 

I think that the author to Go Ask Alice is trying to send the message to readers that, no matter what struggles you have in your life you’re not along. The author is trying to show younger people that struggle with any kind of addiction, that if you continue to feed your addiction you could lose many things like Alice did such as friends, family, morals, goals, your reputation, your self-worth, and the #1 worst possible thing that happened to Alice is DEATH.  I would Rate this book as a 5 because of how much I could relate to the book and how much I could stay focused on it, there was never I boring page to the book