Eye of God

By James Rollins



Review by CV. 


 Eye of God is a page-turner. It's fast paced with  heart racing action.  It's about a military force called Sigma. It's a masterwork of historical mystery and scientific exploration. This book will have you staying up all night and hook you in its mystery. The main character of this series is Commander Gray Pierce. He joins together with a pair of Vatican Historians, to uncover the truth of the eradication of the Roman Empire. The mystery is tied together within the roots of Christianity’s Origins.

My favorite part of this book is when they were breaking into a warehouse. They where shooting it up and trying to draw the guards out so that they can find an ancient relic. There was a lot of action in this part.   

My favorite character is Sheican; she is freelance assassin in her past life. Now is apart of Sigma's military operation. Sheican has broke out of a prison and even broke into a prison in the earlier book. She is intelligent and very deadly and sneaky. Sheican has a lot of emotional problems and trauma, but she does not show it. She can hold back emotions and be very professional. I can relate to her about being incarcerated, because I myself am currently incarcerated.
I would definitely recommend this book to young adult readers and adult readers. I guarantee you will not want to put this book down. It's full of knowledge, action, and mystery. I like the way it ended; I would not want to change it in any way. I give this book a five out of five. Enjoy!