Cop Town

By Karin Slaughter


Review by Jose C.


What is this book about?
This book is about a cop named Wesley who gets killed by his own brother. His brother’s name is Jimmy. His brother kills him over a big argument that they have. Jimmy tries to cover it up and say that somebody else did it. It’s all up to Maggie and a new girl Kaitlin to get to the bottom of this.

Did you enjoy reading the book?  What did you like/dislike about the book?
Yes I really enjoyed this book. What I liked about the book is the suspense and the mystery of the book.

What was your favorite part or your favorite character?  Why did you like that part or character?
My favorite character is Kaitlin. My favorite part with the character is when Jimmy was bullying him and teasing her and she got tired of it so she left the cop car and jimmy went after him and Kaitlin beat him up.

Did you relate to the story or characters?  How?
No I did not

Would you recommend this book to someone else?  Why?
Yes I would because it is a really good story and if you like a lot of action you are not going to want to stop reading it.

Did you like the title? What alternate title would you give the book?
Yes I did like it because it kind of gave you a understanding of what the book might be about. No I would not change it.