By Carrie Mac


Review by Nile P.


The book that I will be reviewing is called Crush by Carrie Mac. You can find this book in the Orca Soundings book collection. Crush is about a girl named Hope who was raised in a hippie family. Her family goes on a trip out of the country to help build schools for the poor. She has to go live with her sister and not travel with her parents. As she goes to live with her sister she finds herself becoming curious if she really is in love with a girl. My favorite part about Crush was how her parents became so supportive of her love life even if it was with the same sex. 
      I did not like how the book was short. Making another book as a sequel would have made a good series. I really related to the main character, because I too, grew up struggling with my own sexuality. I would recommend this book to any teenager and adult. This book would help stop prejudice against gay people.  I loved the title to this book, because it fit the story line just right. I rate this book 10 out of 5, because this can be a huge way to stop prejudice if people read this book.