Perks of Being a Wallflower

By Stephen Chbosky


Review by Andrew S.



This book is about a boy named Charlie, who is a freshman in high school. There is not much more detail than that, because Charlie states that he wishes to be anonymous throughout the story. This story is fiction. It is written in the format of letters from Charlie to an unknown person. In the book Charlie finds new friends, loses friends, goes through many life struggles, and experiments with a lot of new things.

I loved the book. It is now one of my favorites, next to White Oleander by Janet Filch. I liked the group of friends that Charlie had and how humble, innocent and utterly awkward  he was, there was nothing that I did not like about the book.

My favorite character, next to Charlie, is Patrick. I like him, because he is really funny and he doesn't try to be anyone that he is not.

I could relate to this story because most of my friends are like the ones that Charlie has in the book.

I almost don't want to recommend it to anyone, because it's so special to me, which I guess is pretty selfish, I'd recommend it because it's moving in a way, to me at least.
My favorite quote is from Charlie's teacher, Bill. It's when Charlie doesn't understand why Sam would go out with a terrible guy like Craig, and Bill tells him" We accept the love we think we deserve.