Nobody's Angel

By Sarah Hegger


Review by Sequoia S.


1. What is this book about? (Who are the characters? When and where does it take place?)
Nobody’s Angel is about this girl Lucy Flint who moved to Seattle Washington, and was an alcoholic, and starts recovery there, after being sober for several years she goes back to her hometown to make amends with all the bad she’d left behind and to help her parents, but her dad doesn’t want to forgive her and is very mean to her, she runs into her childhood “love” Richard Hunter who is now a doctor, and makes amends with him and ends up falling for him all over again and ends up not wanting to go back to Seattle, so she decides to stay in her hometown with him. The main point of the book is about sobriety and making amends with all that Lucy had done wrong in her past, and starting over clean.

2. Did you enjoy reading this book? If so, what did you like about it? If not, what didn’t you like about it?
I really liked it; I like that Lucy was strong with her values of sobriety, even when she got challenged and was degraded because of her past she still hadn’t dropped her values, she continued on her path of starting over, and making things better for herself. It was inspiring actually, because a situation in the book was a picture of Lucy Flints body had gotten sent out to the town and she was naked in it, Lucy went to the bar and sat there for a few hours debating on if she wanted to drink alcohol or not, and when alcohol was bought for her and right in front of her face, she said no and got up and left the bar, because she knew that drinking alcohol wasn’t going to make her situation any better, she just needed to except that it had already happened and picked herself up to move on past it.

3. What was your favorite part or your favorite character? Why did you like that part or character?
My favorite part in the book is when Lucy is really upset because her dad was treating her very poorly and calling her deceiving names and she puts her shoes on and goes outside to the fort that Lucy and her childhood friend had made, and she sits in there and starts crying, and Richard looked out of his window and saw her in there, so he had filled up a mug of coffee and grabbed a blanket and went outside to the fort and put the blanket around her while she was crying and helped her out, and she started to open up with him and tell him about what she has been going through that past few years of getting sober, and how she really is ready to start over and show everyone that she is capable of sobriety and while she is talking to Richard about all of this, he starts realizing that he never stopped loving her, and that’s when there connection restarted, and Richard gave Lucy a hand to get up and brought her into his house, where they had talked about their past, and Richard questioned Lucy why she left him behind with no good-bye.

4. Did you relate to the story or any character? How did you relate?
I can relate to both the story and two characters, the characters being Richard Hunter, and Lucy Flint. While growing up I was in a relationship with N for 4 years, almost going on 5 years. I had a very big drug addiction, as well did N, while having our addictions we also had strong feelings of being “In love” with one another. In the book Lucy Flint had got up and left to Seattle with no good bye. With my life it’s kind of the opposite, It being the guy who left and not the female, N had got up one night and left, and I had no clue where he went, I had no clue where I had gone wrong either, As did Richard Hunter in the book was filled with confusion and why him? What did he do to cause her to leave? N went to Portland, Oregon. For all I knew was he had left with another girl, but it was actually to find more Methamphetamines. When N had got caught he had to go to rehab, And after several months of him being gone, He was released and came back to Idaho and came to my house and asked if he could sit and talk with me, and apologized for leaving me behind, apologized for all the negative behaviors we had engaged in together, and wanted to start over, with a clean slate, and be sober together, Lucy Flint went back to her home town after getting sober and had apologized to Richard Hunter for all her wrong doings also. That was something I fell back into, but two addicts are never good for each other, and one or the other ends up running from the other person, In the book Lucy Flint, and Richard Hunter get back together, but as they start to get closer, Lucy gets scared and packs her bag and decides she can’t do it anymore, and starts to leave. The difference between the book and my life is Lucy and Hunter work things out and stay together and in my life, N and I run and end up in Juvenile Corrections. 

5. Would you recommend this book to someone else? Why would you tell them they should or should not read it?
I would recommend “Nobody’s Angel” to someone else, I would prefer to choose someone that struggles with addictions and has feelings of self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness, Because this book really puts into perspective how hard it is to go through recovery, but it also points out steps she can take to stay on the “Golden Path”, and demonstrates a lot of self-control, and able to hold your own when you feel like there really isn’t anything to hold onto anymore.

6. Answer one of the following questions: Did you like the way it ended? What alternate ending would you liked more?
I did not like the ending of this book, I think the book should have gave me more information, It left me guessing at the end of the book about what happens next with Richard and Lucy? Do they get married? Do they stay in their hometown or do they move to Seattle where Lucy’s recovery support system is? So, I definitely think there should have been more information provided to answer those questions I have.