Congratulations to the 2016 Start From Scratch Winners. You were selected as the top animations from around the country. It was really nice to see wonderful ideas come to life in these stories. One finalist judge commented about our first place winner "This project includes advanced concepts (manipulating perspective) and is impressive." All of the authors should be proud of what they've created and accomplished.


Student: A.M.

Teacher: David Gifford

School: West Kearney High School

State: Nebraska


Student: M.H.

Teacher: David Gifford

School: West Kearney High School

State: Nebraska


Student: L.O.

Teacher: Brian Lawerence

School: C.A.P.E.

State: Arizona


Student: K.T.

Teacher: George Rich

School: Charles Hickey

State: Maryland


Student: J.L.

Teacher: Judi Paul

School: NKYDC

State: Kentucky


Student: A.S.

Teacher: Karen Fisher

School: RFK

State: Massachusetts

Honorable Mentions

Student: K.C.

Teacher: Nikki Collins

School: Wyoming Girls School

State: Wyoming

Student: D.J.

Teacher: Susan Mueller 

School: Hogan Street Regional Youth Center

State: Missouri

Student: J.O.

Teacher: Ruth Reynolds

School: Virginia Beach Detention Center 

State: Virginia

Student: L.S.

Teacher: Brian Lawerence

School: C.A.P.E.

State: Arizonia