Dr. Amon Millner


Assistant Professor of Computing and Innovation directing the Extending Access to STEM Empowerment (EASE) Lab at Olin College of Engineering. He develops technology and community platforms to facilitate learners becoming empowered to make and make a difference in their neighborhoods.

He helped invent the Scratch programming language. Millner has established local and international hubs for learning, making, and digital fabrication, shaping the ways in which networks such as Computer Clubhouses and Fab Labs have evolved.

Emily Brent

A student at Michigan State University studying Computer Science Engineering and Graphic Design.

She is currently an intern at General Electric Aviation Systems as a software development intern, working on software integration to the cloud. Hoping to grow her skills in computer science and soon become an a Front-End developer, where she can incorporate her love for art and design into code.

Tanner Arnett

16 year old Pace high school student.